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Stop And Sniff In These Best-Smelling European Cities

"...there is also an exciting new perfume by the luxury fragrance house Rosy & Earnest, called Pistachio Delight, and I also must say – it, too, reminds me of Istanbul. The phenomenal vegan brand offers luxurious, fine

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Beauty Self-Care Must-Haves

"Here is a fragrance to tantalize your senses and add an air of delectable allure to your self care. Inspired by mouth-watering pistachio oriental pastries, Pistachio Delight is a delicious scent made..."

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Step Into Spring/Summer With Two New Scents From Rosy and Earnest: Pistachio Delight & Vanilla Rum Royal

But oh my gosh,Vanilla Run Royal is so intoxicating! Upon hitting your senses...transports you to a simmering summer night, walking along the Thames with your lover and making this scent ideal for a night on the town.

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5 musts de Sophie

'...le sceau EWG garantissant que ses produits sont exempts de substances préoccupantes pour la santé. Si c'est d'abord ce qui attiré mon attention, j'avoue avoir été charmée par les quatre sillages de la collection, avec un faible

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2024 Conscious Brand Awards Winners

Meet the Winners...entrepreneurs that are tirelessly making vital efforts to impact our planet and communities positively through their commitment to sustainability.

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The Best Perfumes for 2024 – Editor’s Top Choice: Be Rosy

“The complex aroma of...providing a magical experience that instills calm and raises spirits. Rosy & Earnest has won me over!”

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As the 'clean' and 'sensitive skin' categories grow with minimal oversight, brands seek differentiation through third-party certifications

To create a fragrance brand that would appeal to those wanting ingredients transparency... Rosy & Earnest fine fragrances, used the EWG's Verified parameters as its benchmark...

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2023 VegOut Vegan Beauty Gift Guide

"Rosy & Earnest carries two EWG Verified fragrances made with harmless ingredients...with top-quality notes..."

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Celebrate National Clean Beauty Day with These Clean Beauty Super Brands

Rosy&Earnest smells so fresh and so beautiful!

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Safer Fragrances: 11 Clean, Sustainable and Non-toxic Perfume Brands to Try

"their new fragrances would be EWG-verified for your health, a mark that is difficult to obtain, especially for fine fragrances. But they did it, and can now boast two fine fragrances (Be Rosy and Be Earnest) that are 100% transparent and worry free"

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20 cadeaux mignons à offrir à la Saint-Valentin

L’entreprise montréalaise Rosy & Earnest est derrière la nouvelle fragrance non genrée Be Rosy. Un parfum romantique et lumineux qui fera assurément plaisir à votre douce moitié!

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5 Gifts Ideas for Beauty Conscious Women

"Be Rosy-You can smell like you just walked out of a spa with a fresh, uplifting and luminous scent...with 100% ingredients transparency."

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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

"These award-winning scents can be sampled for 12$ with the Rosy & Earnest Discovery Set. Highly rated by customer reviews."

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Go, Clean with New Rosy & Earnest Fragrances

”I absolutely love this scent. Not one to be a fan of musk woodsy scents, Be Earnest captivates me... the scent has my heart!"

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Global Green Beauty Awards

Best ethical fragrance (...) silver winner: Rosy & Earnest, Be Rosy (...) Highly Commended winner: Rosy & Earnest, Be Earnest.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel-Friendly Vegan Perfume

“The Rosy & Earnest Discovery Set is ideal for plane travel ”  

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Bas de Noël : 20 cadeaux à moins de 20$

"Ces deux parfums en format échantillons sont idéals pour faire découvrir les jus de Caroline et Marilou, les femmes d’affaires québécoises derrière la parfumerie Rosy and Earnest."

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Ideas for Spoiling Mom this Mother's Day

"We've been waiting for this particular fragrance for so long. It's completely non-toxic and it's smell good!"

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Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day: 20 gift ideas inspired by EWG VERIFIED®

"But we’ve got you covered with options that are safe to give your mom, including: Rosy & Earnest - Be Earnest "

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Holiday Gift Guide 2023 : The Best Stocking Stuffers for Business Travelers

"LUXSB -special recommendation for the month...the ever-popular Rosy & Earnest "Be Earnest" or "Be Rosy" fragrances."

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9 Thing To Make Your Life Better Without Breaking The Bank

“Rosy & Earnest launched two flagship scents, Be Earnest and Be Rosy, which meet the highest health standards while delivering luxurious scents you’ll obsess over"

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Featured Wellness Products

"As an EWG Verified brand, their perfumes are free of any known chemicals of concern for non-toxic and lovely fragrances."

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Searching for a Perfume Brand That's Clean And Hormone-Friendly? Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

"Founded by two fragrance lovers who were concerned about the link between perfumes and health issues, Rosy and Earnest wanted to created scents that were every bit as luxurious as high-end fragrances, without all the junk. "

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30 idées cadeaux pour gâter nos hommes à Noël

"Ce sont des notes boisées ainsi qu’une touche de rhubarbe et de pomme que l’on détecte dans l’eau de parfum Be Earnest, de Rosy & Earnest..."

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Embracing Simplicity Can Help You Unwind

"This is one of my new, absolute favorite scents... I have tried A LOT of fragrances over the last few years..."

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Illuminescence and Rosy & Earnest: Exceptional products that give back.

This NEW woman-owned and operated brand makes exceptional fine perfumes with worry-free ingredients.

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Beautyscopes: June 2023

"This clean-ingredient fragrance brand’s flagship scents Be Rosy and Be Earnest each epitomizes the aromatic lushness of nature..."

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 – Best Ideas For All Moms

"If you’re looking for a luxurious and conscious fragrance for your mom this Mother’s Day, Rosy & Earnest perfume is a great choice."


Rosy & Earnest introduces new EWG Verified™ line of fine fragrances with complete ingredient transparency 

“Rosy & Earnest is one of a handful of fine fragrance brands to receive the coveted EWG Verified certification ”

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