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Our Story

We have always loved perfumes and fine fragrances:  the memories tied to certain scents, the comforting smells, the alluring ones and others that seem to lift our spirits. 


Since becoming mothers and increasingly health-conscious, we have become more careful about our lifestyle, diet, and what we put on our skin. 

"We started paying attention to ingredient lists and reluctantly gave up most fine fragrances when we learned that the term “fragrance” or “perfume" could “hide” components from a list of more than 3000 to 4000 ingredients, including several linked to hormone disruption, increased cancer risks, sensitization and bio-accumulative issues."

 The report “ Right to Know: Exposing Toxic Fragrance Chemicals in Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products,” published in 2018 by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) , is truly alarming. 

 But the truth is, we missed the smells and odours of our favourite perfumes.  We started searching for “cleaner” alternatives, fine fragrances with transparent ingredient lists that smelled as luxurious and complex as the best perfumes on the market while being worry-free health-wise. 

"As options were lacking, we decided on a September afternoon that we would try to create the fine fragrances we were looking for. We upped the challenge by deciding that our new fragrances would be EWG-verified for your health, a mark that is difficult to obtain, especially for fine fragrances."

​Getting the mark was important to us because it gives consumers the certainty that the ingredients have been vetted through the most stringent health and safety standards by the Environmental Working Group.  It also ensures that our claims are verified by an independent third party, as the beauty products industry is one of the least-regulated categories of consumer products and is, unfortunately, rife with unsubstantiated claims. 

 The road was not easy as we had to knock on several doors before we found the right partner to work with us.  Many said it was too complicated, and others did not want to reveal their “trade” secrets and divulge their ingredients.  But we finally found ideal partners in an independent Lab in France - Lab Scent - and were extremely fortunate to work with Nathalie Feisthauer, an award-winning perfumer, to create our scents.  The process was a challenge, but we could not be happier with the results, and we are very proud to say that we are the 2nd Eau de parfum to get the “EWG-verified” certification – and the first in Canada. 

 Our first two scents, “Be Rosy” and “Be Earnest,” are magnificent and unique in their own way.   We invite you to order the samples and try them for yourself.  We hope you will love them as much as we do. 

 We are so excited to introduce our new fine fragrances to the market.  We believe that feeling and smelling great and beautiful should not be harmful to your health and that everyone should know what they are putting on their skin.  Fragrance without compromise is possible.

 Yours truly,