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How to Prepare the Ideal Valentine's Day Gift?

How to Prepare the Ideal Valentine's Day Gift?

Valentine's Day, that eagerly anticipated date for couples, is the perfect occasion to remind that special someone of their significance and express gratitude for the time spent together.

If you're searching for a Valentine's Day gift idea that is romantic, personal, and thoughtful, it can be a real challenge. But no need to worry, at Rosy & Earnest, we have the perfect suggestion.

History: Origin of the Valentine's Day Gift

There is a well-known legend to explain why the tradition of giving something on February 14th exists in the first place. The Valentine's Day gift comes from a story perhaps even more tragic than Shakespeare's famous "Romeo and Juliet." It is said that St. Valentine was a Christian saint who became the patron of lovers during the Roman Empire in the 3rd century. At that time, St. Valentine was quickly arrested for defying the order of Claudio II, which prohibited the marriages of young people to have better male soldiers in his army.


In addition to helping young couples find each other, during his time in prison, St. Valentine supposedly fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, who was blind. According to various versions, he restored the sight of the young woman before being executed, but before his death, he left her a farewell letter signing it "From your Valentine." Subsequently, the jailer's daughter, with a heavy heart and mourning his death, brought flowers to his grave to always remember him with love.

Is Giving a Valentine's Day Gift Materialistic?

The story of St. Valentine is shrouded in legend and mythology, and its connection to love and secret marriages contributed to its association with Valentine's Day. Due to its history, this celebration is seen as an expression of romantic affection. Around the world, many people associate this date with commercialization and consumerism, but the truth is that giving a Valentine's Day gift expresses, between partners, a reminder of the love shared between them.


Steps to Prepare the Perfect Gift

  1. Know Your Partner: The most important thing is to know your partner's tastes, interests, and desires well. If your partner is a sophisticated person who appreciates fashion and delicate scents, take into account what details match what they use.
  2. Plan in Advance: Don't leave everything for the last minute. Start planning a few weeks in advance so you can organize everything without haste.
  3. Set a Budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend. This will help you filter options and focus on gifts that are affordable for you. The best prices can be easily evaluated and found on our website.
  4. Choose the Gift: Based on what you know about your partner, select a gift that you know they will enjoy and that will match their personality. If your partner is interested in the products they use and the environmental impact they cause, we recommend considering our proposal.
  5. Create a Romantic Atmosphere: If you are celebrating at home, create a romantic atmosphere with candles, soft music, and a good meal or dessert.
  6. Express Your Feelings: Accompany your gift with sincere words. Express to your partner how much they mean to you and why you chose that particular gift.

Rosy & Earnest Fragrances: A Unique and Responsible Gift

Our delicately designed fragrances are more than just perfumes. They are a symbol of modern love, combining elegance and social responsibility. Our fragrance for men and the fragrance for women are Valentine's Day gifts that we propose as an expression of care and respect towards your partner and the environment. Our products are EWG Verified™ certified, ensuring they are safe for health and environmentally friendly.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Men

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Men

Choosing the right Valentine's Day gift for men can present an equally significant challenge. Men especially value gifts that strike a balance between functionality and originality. In this regard, our fragrance "Be Earnest" emerges as the perfect choice. Its unique and distinctive aromas provide a singular touch of distinction and elegance, enriching the daily routine of the modern man with an air of refinement and style.

Valentine's Day Gift for Women

The exceptional woman in your life deserves a gift that matches her extraordinary essence. Our fragrance "Be Rosy" encapsulates the sophistication and charisma of the contemporary woman, merging delicacy, confidence, strength, and seduction in every aromatic note. This perfume represents the ideal Valentine's Day gift for women, combining practicality and elegance, ensuring it is not only a memorable detail but also a perfect complement to enhance the presence and unique style of your partner.

Choose Responsibly: The Commitment of Rosy & Earnest

Our commitment does not stop at creating exquisite perfumes. We ensure that each product is vegan and not tested on animals. By choosing a Valentine's Day gift from Rosy & Earnest, you are making an ethical decision that reflects your values.


The components of many perfumes can be concerning, with risks of hormonal disruption, an increased risk of cancer, sensitization, and bioaccumulation problems. By opting for a fragrance from Rosy & Earnest, you choose a product free from these risks, offering peace of mind and well-being.

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Idea

This year, make sure Valentine's Day is a truly unforgettable moment with a Valentine's Day gift from Rosy & Earnest. Let our fragrances tell their love story, a story of passion, respect, and mutual care.


Choose a Valentine's Day gift that reflects not only your love but also your commitment to a healthier and ethical world.

Join the responsible beauty revolution with Rosy & Earnest. Discover our unique fragrances today and make Valentine's Day an exceptional moment for you and your partner.

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